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#TBT ‘Feel Something’ EP 2013

Feel Something Video

It’s just over 3 years since I released my first solo record after a decade of playing in bands. I finally succumbed to the dreaded solo record and it was not the experience I had expected at all. It was actually one of the best experiences and fondest memories I have of my recording career to date. There was no pressure to make this record and the idea was to keep it simple, gentle and raw. My friend Isobel Campbell, who played cello on this record, described it perfectly when I expressed my nervousness, she described making a solo record like ‘running through the streets naked’, there’s some truth to that.

Feel Something Promo Shoot

The record was produced by Eric McCann and came out July 21st on AED records and we shot 3 beautiful videos in Los Angeles directed by visionary filmmaker Paul Orehovec and edited by Chris Patridge who works with me still on all my other projects.

Feel Something Video Shoot

The first video we shot was for ‘Sunken Ships’ which we shot at my apartment

This was also the record that put Broken Arrow together as Brandi and I had such fun making it and her harmonies on the EP break my heart

Photo by Alex Kinnan

The second video we shot was for the title track ‘Feel Something’ and I think this is my favorite video to look at out of the 3 we shot. We shot this one in DTLA and it was filmed guerilla style by me, Chris and Paul in locations round DTLA till we got noticed or thrown out –

When we shot the 3rd video for ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ we had the biggest production out of all 3 videos and got to shoot our own little western movie featuring a good amount of the people involved making the record.

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giammarrio Villa

‘Don’t Let Me Down’ was by far the most fun to shoot and I still love this video –

It was a great experience start to finish making this record and many good things came out of it.

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Feel Something EP


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