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#TBT ‘Feel Something’ EP 2013

Feel Something Video

It’s just over 3 years since I released my first solo record after a decade of playing in bands. I finally succumbed to the dreaded solo record and it was not the experience I had expected at all. It was actually one of the best experiences and fondest memories I have of my recording career to date. There was no pressure to make this record and the idea was to keep it simple, gentle and raw. My friend Isobel Campbell, who played cello on this record, described it perfectly when I expressed my nervousness, she described making a solo record like ‘running through the streets naked’, there’s some truth to that.

Feel Something Promo Shoot

The record was produced by Eric McCann and came out July 21st on AED records and we shot 3 beautiful videos in Los Angeles directed by visionary filmmaker Paul Orehovec and edited by Chris Patridge who works with me still on all my other projects.

Feel Something Video Shoot

The first video we shot was for ‘Sunken Ships’ which we shot at my apartment

This was also the record that put Broken Arrow together as Brandi and I had such fun making it and her harmonies on the EP break my heart

Photo by Alex Kinnan

The second video we shot was for the title track ‘Feel Something’ and I think this is my favorite video to look at out of the 3 we shot. We shot this one in DTLA and it was filmed guerilla style by me, Chris and Paul in locations round DTLA till we got noticed or thrown out –

When we shot the 3rd video for ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ we had the biggest production out of all 3 videos and got to shoot our own little western movie featuring a good amount of the people involved making the record.

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giammarrio Villa

‘Don’t Let Me Down’ was by far the most fun to shoot and I still love this video –

It was a great experience start to finish making this record and many good things came out of it.

Click here to buy the ‘Feel Something’ EP

Feel Something EP


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The astrid story so far….

The Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis

Find yourself on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides and you’ll find the deep roots of a band called astrid. It started in 1990 when an 11-year-old boy called Willie Campbell met a 10-year-old boy called Charlie Clark and they bonded over a shared fanaticism of comic books, movies and music. Soon after, the pair began to experiment with playing various instruments in barns, garages and sheds throughout the island their only audience the flora, fauna and possibly livestock of the Isle of Lewis.


Four years later Willie moved to Glasgow and Charlie started playing cover songs on the local bar circuit with school chum and bassist Gareth Russell this duos audience had grown to include people.

Following Willie’s lead in 1996, Charlie and Gareth moved to Glasgow and formed astrid with drummer Gary Thom. A mutual love of 60’s pop, psychedelia and tight harmonies brought Willie into astrid and their lineup and sound were finally realized.



In the beginning the boys of astrid spent their days writing songs and working flower stalls. At night they donned their finest charity shop threads to play astrid’s complete catalogue of seven songs at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, The 13th Note and Nice & Sleazy’s. Stop by the Halt Bar on Woodlands Rd. any Saturday afternoon and the boys of astrid could likely be found playing the open stage or spending their giros at the bar, even more likely, doing both. It was here Stevie Jackson from Belle & Sebastian heard astrid and asked the boys along for the first UK Belle & Sebastian tour. astrid accepted; their audience was quickly becoming their fans.

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian

It was on this tour after a show at The Union Chapel in London that the boys of astrid met managers and founders of Fantastic Plastic Records, Darrin and Julie Robson. astrid signed to Fantastic Plastic in 1998 and all was right with the world.

Edwyn Collins

Edwyn Collins

Produced by Scottish Indie legend Edwyn Collins, astrid’s debut album, ‘Strange Weather Lately’ would go on to sell 10,000 copies and solidify astrid as 1999’s darlings of radio as they garnered support from the likes of John Peel, Steve Lamaq and Mark and Lard. The aforementioned setting in motion tours and shows in 2000 with acts from The Go-Betweens, Ben Lee and Sean Lennon to Lou Barlow, The Pernice Brothers and fellow indie circuit players, Snow Patrol.



In 2001 Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody asked astrid (with then drummer Neil Payne) to join and ultimately become the core band for his Scottish indie supergroup, The Reindeer Section. Among others, the ambitious project included members of Arab Strap, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, The Vaselines and Idlewild. Spanning a three year period, The Section went on to release two albums and toured frequently, including a rather memorable trip to Japan for Summer Sonic 2003.

astrid 2002

astrid 2002

astrid released nine singles, three albums and three EPs before disbanding in 2004.

Willie and Charlie remained friends throughout the years. They still shared a fanaticism of comic books, movies and music and never lost their mutual love of 60’s pop, psychedelia and tight harmonies, but they stopped making music together. Willie made his home and family in Lewis while Charlie did the same in Los Angeles.

July 2015, Willie Campbell and Charlie Clark met on the Isle of Lewis and took a stroll along the beach in Gress, the two men fell into a chat about the idea of writing a few songs together. Four months later the pair found themselves in a studio in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles recording the fourth astrid album ‘Fall, Stand, Dance’.

Fueled with the same buoyant energy that made astrid such an endearing live band, ‘Fall, Stand, Dance’ radiates the familiar pop sensibilities, irresistible melodies and soulful harmonies of astrid’s early days infused with a more mature and robust songwriting style; their audience, stronger than ever.

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

‘Fall, Stand, Dance’ will be released Spring 2017.

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Broken Arrow ‘Promises’ Release


After what seems like a very long time, Broken Arrow will finally be releasing our debut single ‘Promises’ on Indiscretion Records later this month.

Broken Arrow_Promises_Digital Cover REVISE

This week will see the US & UK audio premier of the song and later in the month we have a special treat in store for the premier of the beautiful video shot by Nitin Vadukul late last year in Joshua Tree.

We’re  having our release party in Los Angeles 04/07 at The Hotel cafe Second Stage with the full band and tickets are priced at $10 and available here Broken Arrow Tickets

More news soon…..

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Broken Arrow Xmas LA Show

Broken Arrow will be playing our final show of the year on December 9th at Harvard & Stone with our friends Bullet & Snowfox and special guest from the UK, Paul Freeman. This will be our Xmas Party for fans, friends and family and good way to wrap up the year after spending most of it on our record.

Bullet & Snowfox

Bullet & Snowfox

We’re really happy with how the record sounds so far and will be playing most of the songs from it as well as a new song we recently got together in rehearsal called ‘Love Like This’.

It’s been a minute since updating what’s been going on with BA on this site since recording the new astrid album. Broken Arrow was still very active since we announced the astrid reunion. Brandi and I went out to Joshua Tree with photographer and director Nitin Vadukul and shot all the artwork for our debut and also shot a video for future single ‘Promises’.

Last month saw us play H&S with Lauren Ruth Ward, Marc With Love and Jeremy Pinnell and the 55’s. This was a really awesome night and our first show with Matt LaRocca on guitar as Pablo has been working on the new Snow Patrol album.

Our management is working on some exciting things for next year and we should have some news about the record by early 2016. We hope to see some of you at Harvard & Stone, Dec 9th. Happy Holidays!

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It’s A Wrap Folks! #astrid2016

Last Thursday (11/12) the fourth astrid album was wrapped at Canyon Hut Studios in Los Angeles and is ready to be sent over to Tony Doogan back in Glasgow for mixing. It took 5 days, 2 pounds of premium coffee and some god awful studio banter to complete.

The album was mainly recorded live, certainly all backing tracks are live as are Willie’s lead vocals. The closing song for the album, “Give Yourself Away” was recorded entirely live with acoustic guitars, upright bass, makeshift drums and 3 part harmonies. We also tried the Motown vibe for recording our harmonies on this record, 3 of us round one mic and finding our spots.

It was pretty much straight to business the day after Willie and his lovely wife Michelle arrived in Los Angeles. We got up first thing in the morning and did a 10 hour day of pre-production at my house. We set up acoustically so we could figure out the songs clearly. For this album we enlisted the help of Dash Hutton from HAIM to play drums and sing harmonies, the studio is also at Dash’s house in Laurel Canyon which once belonged to Alice Cooper believe it or not! Eric McCann was producing this record as well as playing bass guides till Gareth adds his parts back in Scotland.

Eric produced ‘Feel Something’ for me a few years back and we’ve worked together on every musical endeavor since so I knew Dash and Eric would be the guys to call when you’re against the clock! Our friend Alex Kinnan shot photos and video throughout the whole session.

Here’s a little look at us figuring out ‘Sad Magnets’ at my house. Please forgive the fact I did not get out of my pyjamas that day!

We literally went round to Canyon Hut the following day and knocked out 7 of the 10 backing tracks as Dash had to leave town for the weekend so then we could concentrate on the overdubs. Dash’s brother, Tim Hutton, was looking after us at the studio in his absence.

Once Dash came back we recorded the final backing tracks and it was straight to my vocals, harmonies and guitars after that. The track listing we chose for the album is as follows –

Poison Reaction
Chainsmoking Cigarettes
Chuck Amuck
Some Doors
Over The Hill
A Little Understanding
Sad Magnets
Danger Signals
Give Yourself Away

Even though it’s been 11 years since we worked together it did not feel like that at all. Willie and I had so much fun with everyone making, in all honesty, what we feel is the best astrid record yet. It was so easy to do and we just had fun the whole time so hopefully that shows on these songs.

The record is a definite return to the 60’s inspired West Coast sound the band had in the beginning so no better place to record it than in L.A, right? We’re really looking forward to everyone hearing these songs and want to thank everyone who helped make this album go so smoothly. The two Michelle’s we love you and thanks for putting up with us both on a mission! Tim, Dash and Momsy Hutton, thank you for taking us into your family home and looking after us with such warmth, generosity and kindness. Eric McCann, you’re the rock that held this all together and made shit happen, love you brother! Lou Marron Paige, manager extraordinaire and Alex Kinnan for snapping and shooting the action (keeping us mildly entertained also). We could not have done this without the help of Hi-Arts funding so big shout out to Alex Smith for making that happen! Now it’s over to Glasgow to Gareth and Tony for the next phase!

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Astrid & The Canyon Hut

In 15 days astrid will start recording our new album at Canyon Hut Studios in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California. Willie and I have been bouncing demos back and forth across the pond since July and have written over 30 songs for this record. Later this week we’ll pick our favorite 10 to concentrate on. We’re also going to try and write together before starting the recording.


Recording in Laurel canyon will be a bit of a trip for Willie and I since most of the music we listened to growing up came out of The Canyon. We used to listen to CSN, The Byrds and The Doors constantly when we were little kids and I feel like those bands were hugely influential to the early astrid sound. It will be nice to soak up such rich musical history and hopefully that will reflect on these recordings.


For this part of the process we will be joined on drums by Dash Hutton (pictured above) from Haim who also played and sang on the Majestic 12 record I released earlier this Summer.

Eric McCann

Gareth will be laying down his bass parts later this year when we get the guts of the record done here in L.A but in the meantime bass player/producer Eric McCann will be joining us also to help keep us right and get an idea of how it should all sound. Eric has played on and produced my solo records, the Majestic 12 releases and also plays bass in Broken Arrow with me.


We’ll probably get in the studio and jam out the songs for a day or so and then just get straight into recording. Once we get everything done here the record will then be sent to Glasgow where Gareth can lay down his parts. This record will be mixed by Tony Doogan (pictured above) who produced Play Dead and both Reindeer Section albums, Willie’s ODR records not to mention every incredible record that has come out of Scotland in the last 20 years. We’re very happy Tony has come on board this project and look forward to hearing some final mixes.


Finally we will have some news to announce in November to coincide with re-releasing ‘One In Four’ later in the month. This will be the first time the 3rd astrid album will have been available digitally and it will be released on Indiscretion Records. Stay tuned to our FB page for more news on that as we will be doing something special to celebrate the record coming out.

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Sleepwalking, Indiscretion & Nitin Vadukul


‘Sleepwalking’, the next single from Charlie Clark and The Majestic 12 will be released later this month and the first release on my own imprint called ‘Indiscretion’ distributed through Manimal Vinyl. I’m extremely honored and excited to announce that the video for this single will be a collaboration with visual artist and photographer Nitin Vadukul.


Nitin’s bio speaks for itself. Nitin Vadukul is one of modern photography’s visionaries. He is noted for his portraiture and surreal art photography. He emerged in the 1990s as one of the lead photographers for James Truman’s Details and The Source Magazine. He has also worked for Rolling Stone, The Face, International editions of Vogue, Tina Brown’s Tatler, and Newsweek, where he photographed President Obama’s first cover for the magazine.


He started working for Details in 1994 along with David La Chapelle, Albert Watson, and Anton Corbjin, shooting an average of almost ten assignments a month for the magazine over four years. Portraits included Tim Roth, Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Rick Rubin, Damien Hirst, Jim Jarmusch, Charles Barkley, John Malkovitch, Donald Sutherland, Blondie and Patrick Stewart.


He has also photographed His Holiness The Dali Lama, Jennifer Connelly, Wes Bentley, Liev Schreiber, David Byrne, Depeche Mode, Paul Simon, Phillip Glass, Brian Eno and The Black Eyed Peas.


His relationship with The Source began in 1997 and he went on the shoot almost 20 covers for the magazine. In this role he photographed many hip-hop legends, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Jay-Z, the Wu-Tang Clan, Puff Daddy, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot and Wyclef Jean. Vadukul’s imaginative style has long appealed to artists, and over the years he has photographed album covers and art for Ozzy Osbourne, Beck, Korn, Moby, Herbie Hancock, DMX, Mudvayne, Luna, Eve, Kronos Quartet, 50 Cent and the Secret Machines.


He has also shot ad campaigns for IBM, Reebok, Adidas, Nike, and Air Jordan, creating images of athletes such as Derek Jeter, Ray Allen, Roy Jones Jr., Randy Moss, Danica Patrick, and Ichiro Suzuki. His photography has also been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, the UK, Japan, France, Germany and Russia. Recently, his 1993 black and white portrait of Radiohead (originally taken for Rolling Stone) was featured at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the Who Shot Rock book and traveling exhibition.


Nitin and I became friends earlier this year when he moved from NY to L.A and we would meet up and talk about art, films, music and chocolate. He had sent me some of the short films he had made over the years and I instantly fell in love with one in particular called ‘Kawa – World of Skin’ which would eventually become the ‘Sleepwalking’ promo video. We had a lot of fun editing this video with my old friend Chris Patridge who worked on all my promo videos for the ‘Feel Something’ Ep.


Nitin has also directed the art for the new Broken Arrow record and shot all our publicity pics, art and directed a promo video which we just wrapped shooting in Joshua Tree this past weekend.



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Last week saw astrid launch our FB page and kind of make things a bit more official. Between the first announcement last month and the page going live last week we’ve been really overwhelmed by the reaction we’ve had from the news. It makes us feel really good about having decided to make this new record. Seriously unexpected!


Gareth was in L.A a couple of weeks ago and I got the chance to hang out with him for a bit but we really spent more time catching up than talking shop. We’ll get to all that shop talk soon enough but for right now we know that most of the recording will take place here in Los Angeles this November somewhere around the 2nd – 16th.


Another two demos were handed in this last week also, ‘Something That You Need’ and ‘Over The Hill’ which is taking us to just over 20 new tracks. Willie and I decided just to keep turning them out till November. I’m really excited by a lot of these new songs and see the album taking shape already. The majority of songs sit somewhere between ‘Strange Weather Lately’ and the ‘Modes of Transport’ EP.

ASTRID cherry-cherry-CD

Our management are starting to look at putting things in place for next year and a lot of our old friends and team are back on board to help out. It’s safe to say at this point that there will be a run of UK dates somewhere closer to next Summer. Thank you so much to everyone who has messaged us, posted and shared any astrid related info. It’s a really exciting time right now and it’s been so nice to reconnect with old friends and fans who share our excitement, the updates will keep coming as they unfold.


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Devil’s Pulpit Video Premiere

Today the video for ‘The Devil’s Pulpit’ from my side project Charlie Clark & The Majestic 12 got it’s premiere on The video was shot and directed by Xia Magnus and art directed by my wife, Michelle Mondragon who made the lovely assortment of cakes you see getting destroyed.

This single is out now on Manimal Vinyl and is available on itunes with limited edition 7″ vinyl and follow up single coming out very soon!

MJ12_Devils Pulpit_Digital Cover

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After an 11 year hiatus, lots of therapy and one mystical walk along Gress beach in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, I’m happy to announce that astrid will be reforming later this year to record a new full length album. Willie, Gareth and I have been in talks trying to figure out all the logistics but recording will start this November here in Los Angeles.


So far Willie and I have sent each other around 6 songs each and we’ll continue to write until recording starts. All I can say so far is fans of our early EP’s and first record (Strange Weather Lately) won’t be disappointed. We certainly were never big enough to cash in on any reunion so we’re doing this because the songs are good and it feels like the right time to do this. I’m hoping that recording it here in L.A will sprinkle some sunshine on new songs like ‘Poison Reaction’ and ‘A Little Understanding’.


We hope to follow this up with a handful of UK shows next year so more news on this as it develops but I for one couldn’t be happier that this is moving forward.

Charlie x


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