Broken Arrow News

After handing everything over for the MJ-12 release on Manimal this Summer it was time to get back to working on Broken Arrow with Brandi Emma. We’ve been meeting up with Paul Wilson (Producer/Guitar) and now have 3 songs nearly complete, we tracked all the rest of the songs with Eric McCann and now just need to add vocals and other sounds to the remaining songs. It’s only taken a year! It’s been a long process with Broken Arrow but Brandi and I have definitely figured out how we want this project to sound and we wanted our song choices for this record to be solid and cohesive so we actually wrote some new material as we went along on this journey. It’s been a trip, Brandi and I have developed a strong writing partnership and we’re both really excited for people to hear what we’ve spent the last year working on.

We dipped our toe back into the live scene recently with a show at Bar Lubitsch with friends The Out Of Towners and old friend and Broken Arrow collaborator Matt Van Winkle. We followed that with a spot on the Lady Low residency at 3 of Clubs in Hollywood last week (5/12). One of our oldest friends Ryan Fuller aka Fort King also shared this bill and an incredible night was had by all. We’ve been playing out as a trio with Eric McCann on upright bass and Brandi switching between guitar and harmonium. We both felt like this was a really good way to convey the new material with folks. It’s certainly not what to expect on the record as Pablo has given us a very full sound on these recordings but it’s an intimate way to hear these songs. Next up is The Hotel Cafe on June 9th at 9pm. Line up to be announced soon as well as links for tickets.

Last month we got together with filmmaker Xia Magnus to shoot the first Broken Arrow video for ‘Warning Signs’. We shot the majority of this video in Harvard & Stone and a fairly sleazy motel next to it on Hollywood Blvd. We also got some nice footage whilst roaming the streets of Hollywood on a Friday night. We ended up going for a really simplistic vibe for this video.

I’ve been working on several projects this year but I have to say that Broken Arrow has always remained the priority. Brandi and I have worked so hard on the material we’ve written but somewhere along the way the songs took on a life of their own and became something else. It’s partly down to the people we’re working with but it’s also down to the fact we took our time and let the sound develop organically. We both felt so good about the show we played the other night and now feel like it’s the right time to really move forward with Broken Arrow.



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