The Devil’s Pulpit & Sleepwalking

This Summer, Manimal Vinyl will release the first single of a new project I started this year called Charlie Clark and the Majestic 12. It was all a happy, messy, sugar coated accident that happened a little over a month ago…..

Earlier this year I was doing a lot of recording with Broken Arrow, Sugarplum Fairies and I’d finished writing my next solo EP. I had a bunch of new songs that I’d written and demoed up that just didn’t seem to fit anything I was doing but I really dug them and I wanted to get them recorded properly. At some point in January I’d mentioned this to my buddy Dash Hutton who plays drums with HAIM and is also a great singer/songwriter. I wanted to go into the studio with Eric McCann producing and playing bass, so, between the 3 of us I thought we could cover all points. My vibe for these songs was The Byrds meets My Bloody Valentine and to make a record that didn’t break the bank and was pretty spontaneous. I sent Dash the demos and we went in the studio to record a few days later at my friend Miles Senzaki’s place in K-Town, LA, Grandma’s Dojo.

We tracked all the drums and bass for 2 songs at Grandma’s Dojo and then went over to Sugarplum Fairies HQ to start on guitars, organ, vocals and general noise.

Whilst we were in the middle of doing all of this I had reached out to director and filmmaker Xia Magnus who had shot a video for ‘Moment of Fame’ by Sugarplum Fairies. My wife, Michelle Mondragon, had a cool concept for one of these songs and I had a basic concept for the other so I thought we could maybe shoot a video for both these songs.

It was now the middle of February so we’d finished tracking all the instruments. Dash and I had put down all our vocals and harmonies so we had some rough mixes to help shoot the videos. The first song we tackled was ‘Sleepwalking’. We shot some footage at my apartment where we all met up then went into Harvard & Stone in Hollywood (where I work) and shot the rest there. I wanted something really simple and felt somewhat Californian for this video.

A few days later we got together again with Xia and shot ‘The Devil’s Pulpit’. This was a really fun shoot and I have to give everyone who helped out huge props. My wife did an incredible job of art directing this shoot and put everything together for the set design, basically she took care of this whole shoot. My neighbor Sharlene Durfey snapped the whole shoot and my manager, Lou, was also on set to help out. I won’t give too much away but I will say, it got messy and a little stupid.

copyright Sharlene Durfey

copyright Sharlene Durfey

So, all in all this project went from farm to table in just over a month and The Majestic 12 and I are pretty pleased with how it all turned out. We’re also very excited that our good friends at Manimal Vinyl are working this release and look forward to sharing it with you all. More news soon and actual release date. Stay tuned!



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