Silence is Golden

I’ve been very quiet on this site for the last month or so for various reasons. One of which is recording with Broken Arrow and I’ve also been back in the studio writing and recording with Silvia Ryder from Sugarplum Fairies. Silvia and I were so happy with how ‘Moment of Fame‘ turned out from her last record that we are working on a Jackson C Frank cover and hopefully an original collaboration for her next release.

Jackson C Frank

Jackson C Frank

So, Brandi and I were hoping to have the first Broken Arrow single out for the second week of November but we have now moved the release to January 2015. We’re trying to make the most cohesive record we can so we’re recording all the material we have and writing some more new songs as well. The first single is called ‘Warning Signs’ and was engineered by Eric McCann (who did Feel Something) and produced by Paul Wilson from Snow Patrol.

Paul & Brandi hard at work

Paul & Brandi hard at work

We are also getting ready to shoot the video for this single and will be teaming up once again with Paul Orehovec who shot all the videos for my last record. We love working with Paul and his ideas for this video are pretty incredible so more news on that soon. We’ve already done some location scouting and are in the process of putting everything together for the shoot. A very different vibe this time round.

Paul Orehovec, Eric McCann, Me & Brandi on the Don't Let Me down shoot.

Paul Orehovec, Eric McCann, Me & Brandi on the Don’t Let Me down shoot.

I’m pleased to say that the venue I book for here in LA recently won 3 awards in the 2014 LA Weekly Readers Poll including ‘Best Bar with live music’ so I’ve also been very busy with my nights at Harvard & Stone.

Me, Silvia Ryder, Jeff McElroy & KCRW's Valida Carroll at H&S

Me, Silvia Ryder, Jeff McElroy & KCRW’s Valida Carroll at H&S

In regards to my next solo outings, I have the next two EP’s written and ready to be recorded so I’m going to try my best to have both records come out next year. The next EP is called ‘Lemon, Water & Ginger’ and the one to follow that is called ‘A Bridge To Your Idol’. I plan on working with the same team as on ‘Feel Something’ but also will have a lot of new guests on these records. Once I find the time (and money) to get these recorded I will have them come out pretty close together.

Me & Eric

Me & Eric

Finally, the last live show I’m doing this year will be at the Hotel Cafe for their annual ‘HoHotel’ fundraiser. Eric and I will be doing a couple of songs together and I’ll announce the date when the line ups are confirmed. Hope to see some of you there!


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