God Speed & Silver Linings


I’ve really been neglecting my blogging duties as of late for many reasons but the main one being that I’ve been working a lot more at Harvard & Stone lately, so apologies to anyone who might even have noticed that! I’m now booking 3 nights a week at this quality LA bar/music venue and I’m getting to see, hear and work with so many great new bands and also some well seasoned scenesters. The whole “World Cup” thing has passed me by completely. I have noticed though, this last few weeks, when people hear my accent the first question they ask is “who are you rooting for?” and in all honesty I’ve been more excited about the latest pictures of Kevin Smith crying on the set on Star Wars Episode VII or having Tashaki Miyaki come play at H&S at the end of this month to care about football! Admittedly, I’m a terrible Scotsman I don’t drink (anymore) or like football. I do however enjoy a good black pudding but that’s pretty hard to find in LA.

Last week was the official launch party for the release of ‘God Speed & Silver Linings’ by Sugarplum Fairies out on Starfish Records now. This is my record of the year so far next to ‘Lost in the Dream’ by The War on Drugs. The album was produced by Marlon Rabenreither (Gold Star, Lael Neale), mixed by Todd Burke (Belle & Sebastian, Ben Harper) and features guest performances by me and RT Valine. Silvia Ryder, who pretty much is SPF, is an old friend and I’m so happy she asked me to be involved in this project as the full record is really something quite special indeed. Silvia’s vocal on this record has developed so much since it’s predecessor and to quote ‘American Songwriter Magazine’ sounds like Nico on a double date with Leonard Cohen! There’s a whole range of different styles on this record ranging from Americana to Jazz yet it’s solidly cohesive sounding and held together perfectly by Marlon Rabenreither’s beautiful production. You can purchase this record from all good online record stores.

So, an update on Broken Arrow. We recently finished our run of shows at The Hotel Cafe and have started to record our first two singles which we hope to have finished by August. We really did have such a great time during the residency and thank you everyone who came down to support us.

Tommy Schobel

Tommy Schobel

We had a new line up for these shows including Tommy Schobel (who played with Brandi in The Fox Must Pay) on drums and Paul Wilson from Snow Patrol on guitar. Paul’s out here in LA right now and though we shared many adventures in the past I’d not seen him in years so it’s been great catching up not to mention playing music together. Paul and Tommy did such a great job so thanks from Eric, Brandi and myself for helping us out.

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Brandi and I also did a little run of promotion to help with these shows including a 2 hour interview with 5 songs live for Suicide Girls Radio. This was definitely a new one for me as these straight talking ladies gave me a radio experience I’ll never forget! It’s certainly not the BBC but hey, that’s not a bad thing! If you would like to hear acoustic versions of some of our new songs or better still watch me sweat profusely for 2 hours you can watch it here! The whole thing was filmed so I’m definitely looking forward to my Mum and Dad hearing me share about my extensive knowledge of uncircumcised penises.

Brandi & I will be returning to The Hotel Cafe as a duo on July 24th opening for Fred Page from the UK.

Once we get our record finished we will be announcing more dates and release news. In the meantime Brandi and I are continuing to write some more new material together. Keep checking this site for updates on Broken Arrow.



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2 responses to “God Speed & Silver Linings

  1. Looking forward to the new stuff Charlie!


  2. Thanks Ben! Shouldn’t be too much longer!


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