Yucca Valley & The Hotel Cafe

Last Saturday I went out to the desert to play a show with the band in Yucca Valley. The show was curated by our friends Georg and Heike from Son of the Velvet Rat and the event was held in their home. I headed out a day early with my wife and we hired a little cabin in 29 Palms about 30 mins drive from Yucca Valley in the heart of the hi desert.

For this Scottish boy it was quite the adventure. Having grown up in one of the most remote parts of Scotland I immediately felt a sense of familiarity when we left Los Angeles, hit the highway and ventured into vast, open territory. It’s so beautiful in such a unique way words can’t describe it because it’s a feeling you get when you’re out there.

Mitch (my wife) and I relaxed and enjoyed our rental the day before the show, hot tubbing under the moon, star gazing and looking out over Joshua Tree national park when we woke.

Photo by Heike Binder-Altziebler

Photo by Heike Binder-Altziebler

The day of the show we had a pre gig barbeque with Matt Van Winkle and Celeste Bacchi before meeting the rest of the band at the venue. Matt played a solo set to open the show followed by music from Phillip Rosenberg, Ted Quinn. The house was full and the atmosphere was incredible. We took to the living room floor stage and played a set including 3 of our new songs, ‘Danger Signals’, ‘The Things I find’ and ‘Tell It To Your Friends’ plus 3 songs of ‘Feel Something’. People were dancing and seemed to be singing along so I think we did a good job.

Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams

After we finished Victoria Williams played a set with her band. Such a great performance and what an honor to play with such an accomplished musician and songwriter. You could hear a pin drop when she played! The show ended with The Out of Towners playing a wonderful and rockin’ set, they even had our hosts for the evening come up and close the night with a rendition of ‘Dead Flowers’. A great weekend, thank you Georg and Heike.

Feb 5th will be the first offical LA performance of my new (kind of) project with Brandi Emma, Broken Arrow.

Charlie Clark & Brandi Emma

The band is Eric McCann, Joel Patterson, Matt Van Winkle, myself and Brandi. Our name was taken from a song of a previous solo record Brandi did called ‘Photographic Memory’. The venue for this show is The Hotel Cafe and the line up for the night is pretty damn good even if I do say so myself.

Miranda Lee Richards

Miranda Lee Richards

Miranda Lee Richards is opening the night with her band at 9pm. I first saw Miranda play 2 years ago at The Clean Air Festival held at Pappy & Harriets in Pioneer Town (back out in the desert funnily enough). It was about 2am and she performed a delicate and haunting show that has always remained a musical highlight for me since moving here. It’s an absolute pleasure to play with Miranda and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.

Son of the Velvet Rat

Son of the Velvet Rat

Broken Arrow will play at 10pm followed by Son of the Velvet Rat. We’ve been playing some shows together and really just enjoying the creative flow of working together. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing songs from their new record ‘Firedancer’ which everyone should buy! I’ve watched SOTVR win over audiences round LA over the last year so it’s always great to do shows together.

Rachel Goodrich

Rachel Goodrich

Closing the night will be old friend and possibly the best guitar player I’ve seen since moving to LA, Rachel Goodrich. We played together at The Standard in Hollywood years ago. Rachel was a regular performer at my night at Taix and we’ve been good pals ever since. Rachel will be the perfect end to the night as her latest band, The Grrrls, have been blowing peoples minds round Echo Park recently.

It’s $8 well spent and you can buy tickets in advance here. Hope to see some of you there.


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