Don’t Let Me Down Premiere

 Shoot by Alex Kinnan

Happy new year folks! I thought it’s about time I should post something before the month hits double digits. There’s been a lot of things going on so far in 2014 and for me the holidays seem like a distant memory right now.

This week saw the US and UK premieres for the ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ video directed by Paul Orehovec. ‘DLMD’ is the third in a series of videos Paul has shot for the Feel Something EP. I was lucky enough to have American Songwriter Magazine host the US Premiere and punk legend and old friend John Robb took care of business back in the UK with his ‘Louder Than War‘ blog sharing the videos debut.

We will have the video up on Youtube and on my site by the end of the week but you can watch it here advert free on Vimeo!


So far the response has been really incredible, so thank you all who have supported the video with all your tweets and shares etc. I just want to thank everyone who worked on the video, Brandi Emma, Jeffrey O’Connell, Eric McCann, Chris Patridge, Matthew Merkovich, Meredith Oritt, Lauren Carraway, Giammario Villa, Jeff Field, MTI Film, Larry Chernoff, Barbara Marshall, Michelle Mondragon, Alex Kinnan and most of all Paul Orehovec for putting this all together. Looking forward to shooting the next one!

Next up this year is a special ‘Mad For Sadness’ event in Yucca Valley on 01/18 hosted by good pals ‘Son of the Velvet Rat’, it’s a full band show and also a nice warm up for our first show at The Hotel Cafe on 02/05 when Brandi and I will be announcing some news for the year ahead. The line up for that show is Son of the Velvet Rat, Miranda Lee Richards and Rachael Goodrich and the Grrrl.

I played a solo show last week at Lot 1 Cafe curated by Rebecca Balin and hosted by the ‘Feed Your Head’ people. Brad Roberts was kind enough to review the night which you can view here.

More news and show announcements coming over the next few weeks.


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