2014: Year Of The Green Horse

Last Wednesday night Brandi, Matthew and I performed our last show together for the year as part of the Desert Nights series at The Standard in Hollywood. Thanks to everyone who came out for the show and thanks once again to Valida Carroll for having us.

Valida Carroll

Valida Carroll

I think this was probably the sixth or seventh time Brandi and I have done this show and it’s always one of our favorite nights in LA to play. We played with Cristina Black and Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls. A fine night was had by all.

It may have been the last show of the year but we’ll be getting together right after the holidays to start working on all the new material we have. We’re really excited about getting a new live set of material together as well as getting some of these new songs recorded when Eric McCann comes back from touring.

Like with most of the shows this year the incredibly talented Alex Kinnan was on hand to document the evening with his beautiful photography. A very warm thank you to Alex from myself, Brandi, Matthew, Eric and Joel for all his hard work this year. He must be sick of hearing the EP by now, I know I am!

I have another Blog coming before the years out with more news, video ETA and shows to announce for next year but last week I was working on some very exciting projects for 2014. Friends Georg and Heike from Son of the Velvet Rat have been coming through to LA from their place in Yucca Valley. We are planning on doing a special ‘Mad For Sadness’ event out that way at the beginning of next year which Georg is doing most of the organizing and preparation for. More news on that and full line up to be announced soon. We will be keeping the first event small so as we can ‘figure it all out’ and maybe look at doing it again shortly after that. ‘Mad For Sadness’, in the desert, makes sense to me.

Georg & Heike

Georg & Heike

Next week I’ll be going into the studio to do some vocals for Hélène Renaut‘ new record. She is recording with my long time musical collaborator, Yohei Shikano. I’ve known Hélène for sometime now and I’m a big fan of her material so it’s very nice to be asked to work on this project.

Hélène Renaut

Hélène Renaut

I’m also happy to announce that from the beginning of next year I will be working with my buddy, DJ Sean Patrick and the lovely folks at Harvard and Stone to book bands for their Monday nights.

DJ Sean Patrick

DJ Sean Patrick

Sean has established the night for sometime now and is the resident DJ for Mondays. It’s a really good vibe not to mention a solid venue to see live music in. My mind is already overloading with thoughts of who I’d like to see playing there over the coming months. A good start to 2014.


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