Desert Nights

Charlie Clark & Brandi Emma

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the rain has finally come. I’ve spent much of the last 48 hours eating turkey, pumpkin pie and listening to Townes Van Zandt. I suppose I’ll be rehearsing with Brandi later on today and getting our set together for the final LA show this year. Next Wednesday night (12/4) we’ll be performing as part of the Desert Nights series at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Desert Nights is hosted by our friend and long time supporter KCRW DJ, Valida Carroll. It’s a free, all ages show and Brandi, Matthew and I will be doing our thing at around 7.30pm so if you’re around come along!

I’ll be doing one more solo show on the 15th Dec at Hillbilly Hip in Topanga. I love going out that way as it’s lush, green and beautiful, so playing is a bonus as well as getting to meet and hang out with some colorful rural folks!

This week I’ll also be getting together with filmmaker Paul Orehovec to view a cut of the ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ video, so hopefully we’ll finally be putting that out to the world as soon as we can. There is even rumblings of shooting a video for ‘Grateful’ before the years out so more news on that soon. Happy Holidays!


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