This Afternoon’s Number One Day Dream

It’s November 14th, the clocks have changed, the days are shorter and I may be coming down with a cold yet the sun is shining and it’s 75 degrees outside. It’s been a few years now since I moved to Southern California but as each year goes by I feel like understand the seasons a little better and I love this time of year. It’s hot outside but the colors are different and days like today are just perfect. My wife and I just recently celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and this week I played my first headline show since moving to Los Angeles so I’m pretty accepting of my cold/flu symptoms as life has been pretty good to me recently.

Last month Eric McCann and I played an acoustic show at Malo in Silverlake which is where I saw Joseph Gárate play for the first time.

Joseph Gárate

Joseph Gárate

Joseph was kind enough to ask us to perform at his show and I have to say how much my friends and I were taken in by his incredible voice and how each song in his set was just beautifully written and performed. It kind of goes without saying that afterwards we all hung out, ate some delicious Mexican food and planted the seed for another show together. FYI, there is a very famous Los Angeles landmark next door to Malo and I couldn’t resist getting the photo below taken! * Elliot Smith (R.I.P)

I don’t think the universe was too happy with me doing this and I immediately got pounced upon by this motley crew of unsavoury characters!

It was about this time I got contacted to do the show at The Bootleg so it made total sense to ask Joseph and his band and I also knew my Austrian friends, Son of the Velvet Rat, were back in town so that seemed like a pretty good line up to me for an important show.

Son of the Velvet Rat

Son of the Velvet Rat

In the run up to the show at The Bootleg I shot a live performance video for new song Lemon, Water and Ginger. It was filmed and edited by Alex Kinnan and you can watch it here. I also put the hours in rehearsing with Brandi Emma, Eric McCann, Joel Patterson and Matt Van Winkle. We played a house party in Highland Park as a nice warm up to the show. My damned Mexican food weakness kicked in again as this house party was a ‘Taco night’ so after the show I ate to the point of hating myself but all in all it was a really fun night and there were great solo performances by Hélène Renaut and Matt Van Winkle.

Matt & Brandi

Matt & Brandi

Tuesday nights are historically a tough night to play anywhere in LA so I was a little nervous about The Bootleg show in advance. When the night of the show came and the doors of the venue opened I sat and watched Son of the Velvet Rat’s set followed by Joseph’s set and enjoyed both performances so much I genuinely forgot what day of the week it was anyway and by that point the room looked pretty good to me.

I think I can speak for all the members of my band and say that was one of, if not the most memorable shows we’ve played together in Los Angeles. It was a riot! So special thanks go out to everyone who made it to the show and everyone who performed.

I’ll be announcing more shows over the next couple of days and on Monday night at 9pm the feature we shot for SoCal Beat is scheduled to air exclusively on Time Warner Cable in Southern California on SoCal101 (Ch. 354). You can watch the preview here.

SoCal Beat

SoCal Beat

I’ve also been writing a piece, I’m very excited to be doing, for a well known LA Magazine website! More news on that stuff soon as well as an official ETA on the release of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

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