Release Week & Other Adventures!

It’s Saturday night (7/27) and I’m just in the door from another show (Miwa Gemini in the Park) followed by a trip to Little Tokyo to have mochi with my wife, sisters, niece & nephew. I’m completely the best kind of tired there is and it’s been a cracking week!

Miwa Gemini In The park

Wednesday, I started rehearsals for The Hank Williams tribute show. The whole thing was put together by my good friend Matt Van Winkle. My chosen song was ‘You Win Again’ which was a family favorite in my house growing up. We rehearsed in the backyard of The Urban Homestead in Pasadena. This is such a cool business I feel like I need to give them a plug, but here is what they’re all about in their own words….

The Urban Homestead

“Previously known as Dervaes Gardens, Urban Homestead Supply & Farmstand is a backyard family business which sprouted in 1995 and is located in the middle of Pasadena, California on the Urban Homestead. From this bountiful one-tenth of an acre city lot, we grow and sell seasonal, locally grown vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers.”


“Our specialty is in the unique, rare, and heirloom varieties. Although this restricts the amount of produce we provide, we specialize in quality, not quantity. We provide to you only the very best of what’s growing in our revolutionary organic garden. We also partner with local organic farms and suppliers to offer a variety of fruits, vegetables and specialty food items.”

Hank Williams Rehearsal

Thursday was the last ‘Mad For Sadness’ which was actually a sad but incredible night. There were performances from Jim Camacho & Fernando Perdomo, Walt Spencer, Fort King, Ethan Gold, Myself & Joel Patterson, Ruthann Friedman, Rachel Goodrich, Bonarath Bory, Errol Hughes and a memorable closing performance by Matt Teardrop.

Ruthann & I

Friday was the big show in Topanga Canyon. The venue, Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum, is absolutely without question the most beautiful setting for an event I have been lucky enough to perform at.

Photo by Paul Chesne

Photo by Paul Chesne

We did the sound check as the sun went down and the crickets came out. There was a line of people outside the venue and then, the show began. So many talented artists were involved in this event and many good friendships were made. Well done Matt Van Winkle!

Photo by Paul Chesne

Photo by Paul Chesne

Next week I play Ham ‘N’ Eggs in Downtown Los Angeles on Monday night with Ryan Fuller (Fort King), Yohei Shikano (My Hawaii) and Ruthann Friedman (7/29) followed by a performance on Tuesday (7/30) at O’Briens in Santa Monica.

O'Briens Gig

More news, gossip and scandal next week, goodnight all!

Charlie x


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