I Am Available For Purchase Now!

AED Records

Hello people! It’s Tuesday morning (7/23) around 7am and I woke up about an hour ago through a combination of nerves, excitement and the Los Angeles Summer heat.

The record came out yesterday in the UK and comes out today in the US. I figured out last night it’s almost 7 years since I’ve officially released anything and it’s certainly my first ever solo outing so I’m feeling a healthy amount of nerves and happiness about it although undoubtedly there will be the inevitable ‘Shit Sandwich’ review somewhere I’m sure, but that’s ok.

Feel Something EP

You can buy the vinyl (which comes with the CD version) through AED direct. I suggest anyone who wants a physical copy of the record does that as you’ll get more bang for your buck and an AED surprise gift! The vinyl is also available through Norman Records in the UK and I’ll update over the coming months to let you all know what independent record shops will have it in a town or city near you!

The digital version is available through itunes, Amazon, Bookmat & Juno Records.

The Big Takeover

The EP is officially streaming on ‘The Big Takeover‘ this week which I’m over the moon about and want to take this opportunity to say thanks guys!

Mad For Sadness

My night ‘Mad For Sadness’ (a nod to Arab Strap) which I’ve run in Echo Park over the last year comes to an end this Thursday. It’s been an amazing year of music, good times and escargot so if you’re in The Greater Los Angeles area this Thursday from 10pm be sure to visit as it’s going to be a special night.

I start a run of shows this Thursday right through till the end of September so I’m adding dates everyday, keep an eye on my FB page for updates.

Me and My Little Green Bag

The only days off I have this week will be spent going round all the local record shops hand delivering vinyl so I will post as soon as I know what independent record shops are stocking the EP in LA.

Over & Out!

Charlie x



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2 responses to “I Am Available For Purchase Now!

  1. Ruthann Friedman

    Hey Charlie… the vinyl from AED is 10 pounds… will they translate it to dollars or is it not possible to order it from here?



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