‘DLMD’ Video News Pt 2

Photo by Alex Kinnan

Earlier this month Brandi & I got together once again with director Paul Orehovec for day 2 of the ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ shoot.

Don’t Let me Down‘ is the third video we have all shot together and has the largest production so far not to mention it’s been the longest shoot!

Photo by Alex Kinnan

The location this time was Paul’s house in Laurel Canyon and his very nice neighbor was kind enough to let us use his porch and turn in into a bank that Brandi and I would later rob!

Photo by Alex Kinnan

We had shot most of the “action” on day 1 of the shoot back in April so this was a more relaxed day and specifically I think Paul wanted to concentrate on the narrative side of the video, which meant a little bit of acting on my part! I have to say Brandi steals the show in this video. She put the fear of god in me when I heard her screaming on Day 1 and on Day 2 got totally into the role which spurred me on to do the best I could! (we’ll see about that!)

Photo by Alex Kinnan

This video has a couple of special cameos in it. Eric McCann was there on the first day of shooting playing a hoodlum and Chris Patridge who has produced all the videos to date makes an appearance also as an angry banker chasing after Brandi and I.

Photo by Alex Kinnan

……….and it was so much fun to finally drag our director and film mentor Paul Orehovec and get him in a video! I have to say Paul did a great job of playing the part of a drunken cowboy and his outfit was awesome!

Photo by Alex Kinnan

I believe we have one more day of shooting left on this video so I guess there will be a ‘DLMD’ video news Pt 3 soon!


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