Don’t Let Me Down Video Shoot & Other Stories Pt 1

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot By Alex Kinnan

I will be totally honest and say I did not enjoy making music videos at all back in the day. It always seemed like lot’s of hanging around and lot’s of money being spent. I never really collaborated on projects so I guess I always just turned up, did my bit and I’m guessing went to the pub at the first given chance!

It’s been a whole new experience for me this time round working with director Paul Orehovec on the ‘Feel Something’ album videos. You can see the first video we shot for ‘Sunken Ships’ here and I’m delighted to say that the video for ‘Feel Something’ has completed shooting and is being edited by Paul as I write. ‘Feel Something’ will be video number two, coming later this month!

Paul Orehovec

Paul Orehovec

This time ’round, there was more of a narrative to Paul’s concept for video number three, ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ which required more production, more people and more caution whilst shooting, so again we had to be quick. Paul is extremely focused. So on days we shoot everything is super organized, really well scheduled and he just gets the job done quick and very well too I might add!

Don't Let me Down Shoot by Alex Kinnan

The location this time was ‘The Bronson Caves’. “Bronson Caves, is a section of Griffith Park in Los Angeles that has become famous as a filming location for a large number of movies and TV shows, especially westerns and science fiction, from the early days of motion pictures to the present. Its craggy and remote-looking setting, but easily accessible location, has made it a prime choice for filmmakers, particularly of low-budget films, who want to place scenes in a lonely wilderness” which was exactly what Paul wanted to do with this particular story. (i lifted that quoted bit from wiki)

The cave in which Brandi is pictured is most known for being the entrance to the ‘Batcave’ in the Batman TV series fact fans!

Don't Let me Down Shoot by Alex Kinnan

We had spent the days prior to shooting putting the western style wardrobe together for Brandi, myself and ‘Feel Something’ producer and player Eric McCann. We did this on our own whilst Paul sourced replica weapons and FX for the shoot. We met in the car park the morning of the shoot. After Paul and Meredith Oritt picked out our costumes, the crew gathered together with all the equipment and we hiked up to the location. We were lucky enough to have Giammario Villa fill in as photographer before our resident pic taker, Alex Kinnan was able to join the shoot. Producer Chris Patridge was also there documenting the whole day as well as directing operations with the cast and crew. We got great shots from all of them!

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giammario Villa

We found a good spot to drop off our equipment and without hesitation Paul took Brandi, Eric and our other ‘evil cowboy’, Jeffery O Connell to where their scenes were being shot.

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giammarrio Villa

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giamarrio Villa

Without going into any detail, we shoot again this weekend to complete the project. (More on that and the plot in Pt 2.) I will say, we shot most of the action that day and anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a total movie geek and the idea of getting shot and covered in fake blood and make-up lit my heart with joy!

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giammario Villa

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Alex Kinnan

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giamarrio Villa

My brother in law Jeff Field is an artist who is looking to get into the industry and I suggested he come by the shoot to see what we were up to and lend a hand where needed. After searching for us for some time (no mobile service in the caves, sorry Jeff!) he found us is the middle of shooting my ‘death scene’. I was laying on my back in the dirt, drenched in fake blood. I’d drunk a lot of water that day as it was really hot and I ended up needing to pee. I told Paul and he asked me to hold tight for 20 mins while he shot me from different angles. I had to lay perfectly still otherwise I could ruin the continuity of the shots. Another 20 mins passed and I was begging Paul to let me go pee. That’s when Jeff found us.

When Paul realized Jeff and I were related, Jeff got given his first job on the set.

I feel like I need to insert a nice photo of my brother at this point and a photo of why I couldn’t use either of my hands but all I’m saying is we are closer than ever before and what happened at The Bat Cave that day… will stay at The Bat Cave….

…though the last words I heard Jeff mutter that day were “it’s only uphill from here!”, bless him!

Jeff Field

Dont Let Me Down Video Shoot by Alex Kinnan

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Alex Kinnan

We shoot the rest of this video this weekend so I look forward to updating y’all on how we get on in ‘DLMD’ Video News Pt 2.

Don't Let Me Down Video Shoot by Giammarrio Villa



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  1. Maribeth

    Enjoyed reading about the shoot, video, and of course my son Paul. Good luck to you all!


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