The Fox Must Pay – Debut EP – Xtraordinary Things

I’ve been busy this week doing more promo for Feel Something, writing songs, catching up with my bandmates and throughout the course of the week I’ve tried resting up a bad ankle from a Volley Ball injury, classy!

Brandi & Charlie

I’m working on a demo right now called ‘My Crooked Jaw’ which is the first song Brandi Emma and I have actually sat down and wrote together and I’m super excited about it. It’s fast, fun, summertastic and a step in a direction that I am loving. More news on all that soon and hopefully some demos to share.

This week also saw the debut EP release of Brandi’s new project The Fox Must Pay, and the title of the EP,’Xtraordinary Things’. The trio consists of Brandi Emma, Steven Evanne Heinstein and Thomas Schobel and they describe their sound like “Epic dreamscapes and dramatic themes, hovering above swirling synths, lush voices, and analog threads. Five wine & cigarette-fueled tales of slashed hearts and telescopic soul searching” and you can buy the EP here!

The Fox Must Pay

I first heard the final mixes of TFMP when Brandi and I were headed to a gig at The Standard in West Hollywood. We were in the car, literally driving down Sunset Blvd and in true Californian style the sun was shining and the stereo was blaring! I remember thinking Brandi’s vocal on this EP was sounding somewhere between ‘Madonna’ and ‘Kate Bush’ and really that well delivered!

TFMP wear their influences on their sleeve for sure and the attention to detail in the production of this EP is extremely impressive. Drums sound huge, hypnotic production and this EP really is a great example of Brandi’s range and versatility as a singer. The record has received a warm, well deserved response with KCRW’s Valida Carroll.

The Fox Must PayThe Fox Must Pay

In summary TFMP’s debut EP is a brilliant homage to well crafted 80’s synth pop drenched in pop melodies, laced with atmospheric and emotive tales of love and loss. Check out TFMP and/or Brandi Emma.



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3 responses to “The Fox Must Pay – Debut EP – Xtraordinary Things

  1. Ruthann Friedman




    • Madonna and kate bush, yeah I hear that. Its a lot like Goldfrapp’s last album, which is always a good thing. Great EP and I hope to hear more from my college pal B.E.. Sounding great old friend! “light’s out” and “Banging on my Heart” keep banging through my head!



  2. serene23

    Oy, my last comment lost. yes, great EP, loving “Lights Out” and “Banging on My heart”, they keep banging through my head at random times. I look forward to more music from Ms Emma and Co. You have come a long way from Salem State. Proud of ya.

    Along with Bush and Madonna, I would say very Goldfrapp, especially their Head First album.

    Congrats old friend!


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