‘Sunken Ships’ Video Exclusive

Charlie Clark & Brandi Emma

It’s been a busy few weeks here for me in LA. I started doing some promo over the last week or so for the forthcoming release of Feel Something. It’s been a while and I’m totally out of practice with all this stuff but it’s been great fun and actually given me a good excuse to catch up with a lot of people back home as I’ve not been back to Scotland for 2 years.

God is in the TV

The ‘Sunken Ships‘ video is now up online and I’ve been lucky enough to have the UK exclusive with God is in the TV and Buzz Bands LA taking care of business in the US. A very big shout out and thank you to Ben P Scott and Kevin Bronson for all your support and kindness.

Buzz Bands LA

In other video news We are just about to finish the last few shots for ‘Feel Something’ which will be the follow up to ‘Sunken Ships’. It’s Paul Orehovec behind the camera again but this time he had a different approach.

Feel Something Video Shoot

The setting was Downtown Los Angeles and the crew were Paul, Myself and Chris Sticker who also worked on the ‘Sunken Ships’ video. We had to keep the crew small and the shots quick as not to draw any attention to ourselves and to be honest it was a really smooth shoot though we did get busted a few times, and we lost our car and had to spend 90 mins looking for it! More news about that video soon though

This week also sees Ms Brandi Emma and I playing our first full band show with our good friends Fort King, Black Mandolin, Helene Renaut and the Californian legend that is Ruthann Friedman. I am going to do a blog about Ruthann and some work we are doing together soon but Ruthann is known for writing the hit song ‘Windy’ covered by The Association in the 60’s but I believe she is writing her best material yet right now. There’s been a real ‘Ruthann Revival’ all over recently and it’s been so cool not only to see it all happening but also to be a part of it.

Charlie Clark, Ruthann Friedman and Brandi Emma

Charlie Clark, Ruthann Friedman and Brandi Emma


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