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Stevie with The View doing what he does best.

Stevie with The View doing what he does best.

I woke up on Monday morning and sat in front of my computer as normal and stumbled across a blog written by my friend and old tour manager for many years Stevie Broadfoot.

Stevie has worked behind the scenes in the music industry for decades and has been developing a hearing protection system product called Lug Plugs that is ready to go to market the only thing is Stevie was diagnosed with brain cancer 10 months ago and has since had 3.5cm tumour removed and was told he had 12-14 months left to live.

Despite this news and the ill health Stevie has had to endure he has continued to fight on getting this product to market. Stevie is a very strong man indeed and a true gentleman. He shares his journey here

I wanted to write a blog about it as I really do believe it’s an amazing product but I also wanted to add a different perspective on this issue that I never openly speak about but now seems like a good time!

I was born with a condition called Goldenhar Syndrome which basically means I only have one ear. Other symptoms include underdevelopment of the jaw on one side, underdeveloped cheekbone on the affected side, underdeveloped or deformed an outer ear, a missing or undersized ear canal so in summary I’m completely deaf on my left side and have been playing music without ear protection my whole life.

I never realized until last Christmas how badly my hearing was affected. I had finished recording Feel Something and had to get another job to pay for it so I went and got a job at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles. It’s a busy store there at Xmas! There were a few times I was put on the information desk so the phone would go and then a customer would come and need help at the same time so this one day I just had a meltdown. I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t hear the phone because of the noise in the store and if my right ear is on the phone I can’t hear the customer needing help in my left ear. I went straight to a manager and explained the situation.

I’ve kind of lived my life oblivious to having this condition. It never bothered me as a kid (though my first memories of being alive are in hospital getting surgery) and I spent most of my 20’s anesthetized in Glasgow so the last 6 years of my life I have tried understanding this condition as my hearing is getting worse. I’m always looking at ways to protect my good ear and obviously someone in my position is going to endorse anything that prolongs musicians hearing expectancy.

I can’t imagine all the things my dear friend must be going through but I offer all my love and support and will do the little I can to help him. Please help Stevie reach his goal and fulfill his dream by sharing his blog and help spreading the word……….or if you just know anyone who’d like to take it to market then…..on you go!

C x



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  1. It’s like my old grandma said… “There was a man walking down the street with out shoes… and he was feeling sorry for himself all blistered and sore… until he saw a man with no feet. We endure what we must…Love you mucho


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