Hear Something

Feel Something

I’m starting to get really excited about the release of my new mini album. The video for Sunken Ships is now completed and we’re about to get stuck into the next video so more news on that very soon. Vinyl is getting pressed. I’ll be announcing some full band shows over the next week also so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter

You can hear my new record in full here

I wanted to mention a little bit about another mini album I recorded that was kind of the blueprint for Feel Something but a completely different record in terms of subject matter and style. I don’t think the songs are particularly strong but they are all part of a set I wrote after not playing music at all for over a year.

Carve A Horse EP

Carve A Horse EP

I recorded this EP back home in Stornoway before I moved to Los Angeles in Dec 2010 and it was recorded by my friend Keith Morrison at his Wee Studios. You can buy a copy here all proceeds go towards tour support!



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4 responses to “Hear Something

  1. Love the cover…I’ll trade you one of mine for one of yours!



    Is Carve a Horse on CD?


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