Live At Carlone’s

Chris Carlone

Chris Carlone

Above is my friend Chris Carlone who is a very creative man indeed! I met Chris at Mad For Sadness when he came to see Ruthann Friedman play at one time or another. He is also a musician and has played MFS since. I’m personally a really big fan of his songwriting, music and generally the mad shit he does.

Chris told me about Live At Carlone’s and setting it up in NY. I loved the sound of it so I rounded up the troops when invited for a session and a few days later we shot a couple of live videos and did a small interview. We had a blast.

Charlie Clark, Eric McCann & Brandi Emma by Chris Carlone.

Charlie Clark, Eric McCann & Brandi Emma by Chris Carlone.

Here is a bit about what Chris does in his own words….

Talented musicians from all over the world play a song for you live in my house! I make a sweet looking live video of it and then post it to the website… The artist gets a nice video to share with their fans. Simple.”

It started in 2011 in NYC when a singer songwriter friend of mine was visiting. We bought some beers, turned on the camera and started jamming. The rest is history. Since then we’ve had over 50 performances from musicians all over the world. Now I live in Los Angeles and have carried on the tradition and recently decided to do small interviews with the artist. IU’m hoping through Live at Carlone’s, people will be turned on to great new artists. It’s also my little gift to the music community.”

If any local (LA) or visiting artists want to contact Chris for a session then you can visit his site

Here is a link to Grateful

and here is a link to Don’t Let Me Down


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