Edwyn Collins and AED Records

Edwyn Collins

Edwyn Collins

I still find it a little crazy that not only is my record coming out back home after I move to the US but it’s my old friend and mentor Mr Edwyn Collins who is going to be releasing it. Edwyn and I worked together many times when I was in astrid, my first band.

astrid by Stuart Murdoch

astrid by Stuart Murdoch

I think I had just turned 18 when astrid did the first recording session with Edwyn at his West Heath Yard studios in London. The first thing we did was the HiFi LoFi Ep. We had not signed our record deal yet and we were broke, I mean fried rice and crisp sandwich broke! We were all on the dole and not in Glasgow to get our giros so the warmth and generosity Edwyn and his wife, Grace, showed us was overwhelming. Edwyn would often take us out for a curry and keep us in good shape for the recording.



Edwyn was shooting his West Heath Yard TV show for Channel 4 at that time so him and Seb (the engineer) were in character constantly. It was amazing fun and the atmosphere in that studio was incredible. Whenever I hear the early astrid recordings it sounds like 4 friends making music and having the time of their life and Edwyn captured that spirit for sure.

We would go on to do It’s True EP and the full length album Strange Weather Lately.



I’m so happy and excited to be working with the West Heath Yard gang once again and want to thank everyone at AED Records for this opportunity.

Edwyn has a new record called Understated coming out on AED Records on March 25th.



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2 responses to “Edwyn Collins and AED Records

  1. that’s a lovely story……rock n roll heart.


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