Brandi Emma

Brandi Emma

The other voice on my new record is my good friend Brandi Emma. I saw Brandi perform last year at a gig she put together in LA. She played one of her songs called ‘Nobody’s’ and literally took my breath away.

The first day Brandi came in to do vocals on Feel Something I just remember Eric (producer) and I were so stunned by Brandi’s range that we were both left speechless. Eric actually turned round after a take and said, “Dude, I’m sorry but she’s kicking your ass!”, never a truer word said McCann!

I feel like Brandi really did something special with my songs and really made them her own and for that I’m truly thankful. I can’t imagine the record any other way now.

Since we recorded Feel Something Brandi and I have been working on new material and back with Eric McCann on bass putting a band together to play a mix of our songs.

Here is a little bit about her and be sure to visit

“Brandi Emma is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who gained considerable critical buzz with the record Swim under the pseudonym Emma Burgess. After collaborating with The Smart Set in 2009 (Mixing With The Smart Set), she self-released Photographic Memory, a jangly folk- rock EP that returned to her roots. She’s most recently collaborated with Charlie Clark on his debut EP, Feel Something, due out in 2013. Her latest band, The Fox Must Pay, are set to release their newly completed debut in early 2013.”


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  1. Drew Ruscil

    Brandi is amazing. Following her lead me here. Don’t let me down sounds great. Can’t wait to hear more of this album, definitely going to snag it. Good luck!


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