welcome to my new website!

This is a photo taken on the shoot for the video for Sunken Ships directed by Paul Orehovec

Charlie Clark & Brandi Emma by Alex Kinnan

Hello Good People!

Welcome to my new website. I’m not so great with web design so please be patient with me as I grasp an understanding of WordPress but here it is!

My debut solo record comes out on AED Records on July 22nd this year so all news, dates and related info will be up here first!

Feel Something was recorded in Santa Monica, CA and features Brandi Emma sharing the vocals with me. I’ve been a fan of Brandi’s since I first saw her perform last year in LA so it’s been a blast playing shows together and getting to do this record! Brandi has a new project coming soon called The Fox Must pay.

My good buddy Eric McCann produced the album. It was not only produced by Eric but he also plays several instruments on the record too. He did a wonderful string arrangement for Three Sheets To The Wind which features my old pal from Glasgow, Isobel Campbell and local talent Kaitlin Wolfberg from Fort King.

On Drums I had Joe Luisi from A House for Lions come in. (Eric’s band who also have a record coming out this year so check them out!)

Finally on guitar, lap steel and general weirdness I went to my go to guy Mr Yohei Shikano. Yohei plays in an outfit called My Hawaii who will also be releasing a record this year and he and I are in talks about releasing a record we recorded last year so more news on that soon!

love x



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3 responses to “welcome to my new website!

  1. Ryan

    Hey Charlie its been along time, look forward to the record and will definitly check these guys projects out… Hope is well

    Ryan 🙂


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